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Rain Drop Reflections by Jack PollackQuarter Reflection via Craig Tracy by Jack PollackFrench Quarter Reflection 2 by Jack PollackFifi Maloney's by Jack Pollack

A Native of Pittsburgh, PA, with degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Pennsylvania, Jack has lived in the New Orleans area for over 30 years. In his career, Jack travels southern highways extensively. "I have witnessed amazing skies and horizons, wonderful people and places, and my interest has grown in the use of photography to share these beautiful views with others. 

The "Vivid Reflections" I depict have less to do with me
 and my camera and much more to do with my appreciation of Nature's (God's) evolving vision.  It is a joy to have discovered the natural filter created by raindrops. My intention is to create an impressionist view, an expression of feelings, really using the camera as the conduit.

Jack works to capture the light and color of motion of life of the planet and life on the planet. He is a digital street, sky and nature photographer, using Lightroom not a darkroom for occasional shading, working composition to grab a feeling, savor it, hold it, and infuse it with joy or blessing. 


In Tom Piazza's book, "Why New Orleans Matters", Dr John (Mac Rebennack) tells him that "when a brass band plays in one of the small clubs in a neighborhood, it's as if the audience-dancing, singing to the refrains, laughing-is part of the band. They are two parts of the same thing."


"A great mentor of mine while in grad school taught me long ago to trust my instincts and work with what pleases me and share what I need to share. I hope you will enjoy what I am sharing and that you will share your thoughts with me (in person or via e-mail at 


I am too  new to this expression of my world photographically as art to stay within one subject focus (pun intended), so forgive me for galavanting around shooting whatever feels right. Please feel free to view my work playfully and consider it as a series of smiles that you can bring home. 

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